Business Stadium Central


Urban concept for the designed building was mainly affected by existing or under construction Business stadium buildings. Hotel Marriot, Business stadium west, Business stadium north, Business stadium north east and the planned main square enclose the building space as per client brief. The designed 11 story building complements its surroundings without overpowering other nearby buildings. It developed an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable high quality environment that is attractive from the architectural and urban point of view and combines public, commercial and recreational functions.

The main urban dominants in the surrounding area that affect the urban and architectural idea of the design:

  • Hotel Marriot
  • Business stadium west office building
  • Business stadium north office building
  • Business stadium north east office building –
  • Main square
  • Gediminas hill and Gedminas castle


The building consists of two 7-11 storey high volumes. They are connected at the base of the building on ground and first level and through a bridge on the 5th building level. The volumes are given directionality and dynamism by the complex organization of balconies and gentle curves. The podium opens towards the square reinforcing their relationship and giving order to the public realm. The ground level ensures even crowd-flow in the territory throughout the day and caters to the needs of Business Stadium users. The first two levels are designed to suit restaurant’s, bar’s needs, also for businesses to provide other services with various size commercial spaces. The top two floors accommodate a spa with saunas, steam rooms, pools and a deck which opens up to the views of the Gediminas castle and the Old Town. The remaining levels are developed to accommodate office spaces with various needs as they differ in size. The building offers various green roof spaces and terraces with views to the different parts of Vilnius.

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